Woman to Woman (W2W) Mentoring has successfully completed 6 years of helping women in the Pikes Peak region through one-on-one mentoring! The W2W Board of Directors feels that we have reached as many women as possible in the area, and we will be closing our doors effective December 31, 2014.

Over the years, we have touched many lives – both mentees and mentors-- and know our community is much better and stronger because of it. We are proud of this positive impact and are very grateful for the fabulous women who have helped us achieve our success.

There are many organizations in the Colorado Springs area that provided leadership and support to W2W when we most needed it, as well as providing wonderful leadership and support for women. We encourage everyone who participated in the W2W program to continue reaching out by providing mentoring to every woman you meet as well as through other organizations. By being strong for each other we will be strong ourselves, and there’s nothing more powerful than strong, resourceful women!

When given the opportunity, reach out a hand and pull up those around you. That will be the lasting legacy of Woman to Woman Mentoring. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the women of the Pikes Peak region and we have every intention to continue serving them through the auspices of other women focused organizations. Please join us by sharing your gifts and knowledge with the women who can really benefit.

Thank you for the wonderful memories, friendships and awesome mentoring experiences!

Patrice Christian, President
On behalf of the Board of Directors of Woman to Woman (W2W) Mentoring


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